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Serving our community with Pride.

At Delaney & Robb, we understand that LGBT families have the same loving relationships as opposite-sex couples but that the legal, financial, estate planning, and family law needs can be different. We are here to meet those needs.

Most of us do not want to limit our professional or personal associations only to other LGBT people, but there are still issues of comfort that come into play. At Delaney & Robb, you will not be met with judgment but with compassion and an understanding of who you are and what your legal needs might be.  Of course, our services are available to everyone, not just members of the LGBT community, but we are among the only firms in Louisiana focused on meeting the needs of LGBT clients and their families.

Coming out later in life can create complicated divorce and custody situations. Planning for retirement or joint homeownership can be more complex for same-sex couples or even LGBT singles. And end-of-life issues, such as medical powers of attorney and the estate planning realities that none of us want to think about but we all need to address, require a specific knowledge of constantly changing law.

We are here for you, to serve you in the best ways possible and in ways that many attorneys simply cannot. Call us and let’s have a conversation.

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Effective August 2020, Delaney Robb & Rubin Attorneys at Law, LLC has merged its law practice with Sternberg, Naccari & White, LLC. 

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