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Private Law Firm Focusing on LGBT Issues Opens in New Orleans

September 7, 2013 by lamtau095 in News

Two gay lawyers have opened the first private law firm in Louisiana to focus its services on LGBT clients.

In New Orleans, Ryan Delaney and Brandon Robb have established what they say is the first private law firm in Louisiana to focus primarily on LGBT issues: Delaney & Robb Attorneys at Law, LLC.

Delaney and Robb, both graduates of Loyola University and both gay, aims to provide services for a population that often has special needs. These services include estate planning and family law, areas that can become problematic for same-sex couples, especially in a state that does not yet recognize their marriages.¬†“By marketing ourselves that way right out of the gate, [LGBT individuals] know they can come here and talk about issues that they may not feel comfortable discussing with somebody who is not familiar or doesn’t understand what they’re going through,” Robb says.¬†Though its focus is to provide support for LGBT client, the firm’s services are available to everyone. As Delaney says, “We hope to help continue the momentum of change.” Find out more in the video below.

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