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The most important safeguard for same-sex couples in Louisiana is to have proper estate planning documents in place. In the absence of marriage equality in our state, in the event that you or your partner pass away, the surviving partner is a “legal stranger” and will have practically no survivorship rights. Even if you and your partner have lived together in a committed relationship for several years, unfortunately, without the appropriate planning, the survivor will be left without any legal protection. This can result in any number of great difficulties for the surviving partner.  Fortunately, this situation can be easily avoided by having the essential documents,  including Last Will and Testament, Powers of Attorney, Living Will and/or Trust Agreements.  We strongly encourage all couples, regardless of age, to have proper Estate Planning documents prepared.

Medical Power of Attorney

We hate to think of ourselves ever falling victim to a tragic accident or illness in which we cannot make decisions for ourselves, but the scenario can happen to anyone, even healthy young adults. With a proper Medical Power of Attorney, you can appoint a person or persons of your choosing to make important medical decisions when you are not in a competent state to make those decisions. In the absence of legally recognized same-sex marriages in Louisiana, even long-term committed partners have no right to make important medical decisions for each other. These decisions are left to family members, which can sometimes put your partner in a difficult position.  However, with a Medical Power of Attorney, you can grant your partner the power to make these critical decisions on your behalf.  Even for many single people, designating a trusted friend may sometimes be preferable to family members.

Family Law

Delaney & Robb is here to help LGBT clients deal the family issues that everyone faces throughout the course of their lives. Given the unique circumstances that come into play with LGBT clients and the limitations in existing federal and state law, our attorneys strive to handle various issues and work with the tools the law provides to achieve the best outcomes. We will utilize contract law to achieve some of the goals that result from a traditional marriage.


LGBT clients face extra hurdles in the process of adopting children. Delaney & Robb can help guide the potential parent or parents through the adoption process.

LGBT Break-Up Issues and Divorce

We can assist couples in the equitable distribution of property upon the end of a relationship.

Now that same-sex marriage is recognized here in Louisiana, same-sex divorce is now available. Many couples who were married in other states have not been able to get divorced because Louisiana didn’t recognize the marriage and moving to the State in which they were married just to get divorced was not a practical option. We can assist and help you get divorced as swiftly as possible so you can move on with your life.

We are understanding and compassionate to clients who married a spouse of the opposite sex and now have come to terms in accepting that they are gay and now need to file for divorce. This divorce scenario is unique from “traditional” divorces and for the spouse who has recently come out, it can be especially difficult to find an attorney with whom he or she is comfortable. Delaney & Robb is here to make the process as smooth as possible and not add to an already stressful situation.

Real Estate Transactions

Delaney & Robb works with trusted colleagues to guide our clients through the entire sale and purchase of property, refinance your home mortgage, and other real estate transactions. Our conference room at our Metairie office provides a convenient and central location for real estate transaction closings.

Successions and Probate

Delaney & Robb can serve as your counsel for a variety of legal needs or concerns you may have in connection with a person’s Estate following death, including the following:

  • If you are the surviving spouse, partner, parent, child, other family member, heir or legatee of the deceased, we can provide you with advice and representation as may be necessary regarding any legal rights or interest you may have in his or her Estate.
  • If you have been appointed in a decedent’s will as Executor or Executrix of the Estate, we can represent you in the judicial opening, administration, and closing of the Succession, and guide you through the steps necessary to carry out your duties.  In addition, we can assist you with pursuing any claims against debtors of the Estate, or resolving creditor’s claims against the Estate.
  • No matter your side in a particular dispute, we can provide advice concerning contested Estates, including disagreements over the proper interpretation or validity of a will or trust, and we can represent you in litigating these issues when appropriate.

Personal Injury

Delaney & Robb will consult with clients regarding potential Personal Injury claims including motor vehicle accidents and will recommend the most qualified and experienced attorneys to handle the client’s unique situation.

General Practice

We are open to consulting with clients regarding any legal issue they may have. If it is an issue we do not handle, we will find a qualified attorney that we know our client can trust to handle his or her concerns.


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